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Best Selfie Sticks for Windows Phone

Best Selfie Sticks for Windows Phone

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Selfies are a big deal in today’s generation, starting from the celebrities to the common folks. People are taking selfies to show what they have been up to and uploading them to different social media sites for likes and comments. With selfies trending, selfie sticks were introduced in the market to help you take your selfies with a lot of ease. Here are some of the selfie sticks you can purchase for your beautiful Windows Phone:

iStabilizer Monopod

This gadget has a length that extends up to 3 feet and a width that extends up to 3.72 inches. It is very lightweight and easily portable which allows you to carry it everywhere.

Digitsea Extendable Selfie Stick

The Digitsea Extendable selfie stick is perfect for Windows Phone, with its width extending up to 3.4 inches. Its adjustable head lets you take pictures at different and very interesting angles. This selfie pole is made from high quality material that makes it very strong and durable.

Universal Selfie Stick

This is among the best selfie sticks in the market and it does mount on to your phone perfectly. It has simple spring screw that allows you to adjust your phone holder till your phone if firm to avoid any accidental droppings. Made from durable material, this selfie stick allows you to take group shots and still cover your background view. You have to set a timer since it doesn’t come with a Bluetooth a Bluetooth remote or a shutter button.

Looq Wired Selfie Stick

Being popular among selfie stick users, this selfie stand does not use any battery, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi thus you can use it continuously. Its phone holder extends up to 3.3 inches and its rod extends up to 42 inches allowing you to take better selfies with wider background view. It also uses an audio plug that is connected with your phone to take your snapshot.

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Best Selfie Stick for your Smartphone

Best Selfie Stick for your Smartphone

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If you must have a selfie stick, the go to selfie stand is the Looq DG. This monopod has been tested and put under many hours of research with other selfie stand but it emerged to be the best with it having some of the best features a selfie pole can have. Here are some of the features of that the Looq DG selfie stand possess.

The Looq DG monopod has a phone holder with a clamp that can be adjusted to fit even the heaviest smartphones, it also fits perfectly with or without a protective case. This gadget does not depend on any Bluetooth technology to communicate to your phone. The Looq DG uses an audio cable to connect to your phone for both Android and iOS devices.

This gadget does not need any battery or recharging for it to work like other Bluetooth controlled devices. Made from quality materials, this selfie pole is durable and very strong. It is also very compact thus you can be folded in to a really good size plus its lightweight allows you to carry it everywhere you go.

It’s also the best selfie stand for most people since it extends up to the desired length of your choice plus it can twist to different angles allowing you to capture good and interesting snap shots. Its handle is very good giving you the perfect grip of the monopod.

You should purchase this selfie stand for yourself to allow you to capture the experiences you are enjoying and share them on your social media websites. This is the perfect accessory for you especially if you are a photographs lover.

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Best iPhone Self-timer Camera Apps

Best iPhone Self-timer Camera Apps

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Are you wondering how you can get to take your selfie hands free? There are some gadgets that have been created to help you with your selfie taking experience. Selfie stick and camera apps have been created for you to enjoy taking your selfies and the experience it comes with. If your iPhone doesn’t have a timer, here are some of the apps you can download that have camera timers.

Self Timer

This is one of the best apps that you can use to take your perfect group photo without straining. This timer has the longest timer for up to 60 seconds plus you can take multiple shots. One of the best thing that most selfie lovers love about this app is that it beeps five seconds before the selfie is taken.


The Camera+ self-timer app is popular among the selfie fanatics with it offering a wide range of features to choose from. This app automatically adjusts the clearness of the photo by making your photo look better. You can also control the timer by setting the time it should take.


This is not just another self-timer on your iPhone due to its numerous features. iTimerCam allows you to create a video from the different, multiple shots you have taken. It has a maximum time set of ten seconds and you can use the app for both your rear and front camera. With a single click up to 500 multiple shots can be taken.

Camera Timer

This is a really good app and it gives you the ability to control the time when your picture is taken.


The GorillaCam is a free app that has a set time of up to 120 seconds. This app is perfect for a quick user who is not interested in going through the instructions given.

Even when using cameras with self-timers, you can use a selfie stick which has a shutter button that you release once you are ready to take photos.

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Best Photo Editing Apps

Best Photo Editing Apps

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Love it or hate it, selfies are here to stay and with the love that everyone has for them from the presidents to the celebrities and common folks, this trend is here to stay. The latest inventions might have made those who love taking selfies to love them more especially with the coming up of selfie sticks. These monopods have made the art of taking a selfie to be much easier and way better. With selfies people are editing their pictures to ensure it does look perfect before posting it to any social media sites. Here are some of the best editing apps you can get from your play store.


This is one of the most well developed photo editing apps in the market. PhotoWonder has a lot of good features, starting from photo collage to filtering options to creating frame and special effects. This app also allows to add a certain themes to your pictures plus you do not have to pay any cent in order to have it.


If you want to have fun while editing your pictures, this is the go to app for all that. This app gives you an immediate view of your selfie with it pointing to your facial point so you can automatically enhance your images. It also has good filters from which you can choose from to create the ideal selfie for yourself.

Selfie Photo Editor

This is not just an editing app because it offers you tips on how to take that perfect selfie you have been longing for. It has a series of editing tools that makes it better plus a number of filters to help you achieve your desired look. This app also allows you to change your eye color and even enhance your lips. You can directly share your selfie to the different social media sites.

You can also get yourself a selfie stick to ensure you capture the background view of where you are.

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